All about food

In Spain, a lot is about food, if not everything. Etiquette wise speaking, that means something. Here is one etiquette rule that you might not know.

Three kings in a parade

Santa Claus doesn’t bring presents to Spain; the Three Kings do. And before they do that, they arrive in a huge parade: La Cabalgata de los Reyes Magos.

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Spain and the art of insisting

To the non-Spanish it seems weird: the art of insisting. But if you don’t want to appear rude, you probably need to at least understand this art …or is that a mission impossible?

Drinking with the Dutch

“Would you like to have a drink?”
Make sure you react immediately when a Dutch person asks you this question. Never beat around the bush: if you want to have a drink, this is the only moment you can say “yes please”. Otherwise you just won’t get a drink. Even though the Dutch will get himself/herself one.

Closed cookie cans

Time to tell you about one of the weirdest characteristics of the Dutch I know: the case of the closed cookie cans.