Wandering in Barcelona? Look up

In many Spanish cities the outside of the buildings are shaped with so much care, that buildings in other European cities tend to look dull compared to their Spanish brothers and sisters. So look up and see the beauty.

Wandering over the Montjuïc

Barcelona is gorgeous, breathtaking, magnificent. Here I’ll show you a few of its hidden gems.

More tombstone tourism

Going to a cemetery for fun? That is what tombstone tourists do. I did it once before when I went to the Montjuïc cemetery. This time I went to the cemetery of Poblenou.

Tombstone tourism

Apparently, it’s a thing: tombstone tourism. And if you are a “taphophile”, you can knock yourself out at the Montjuïc cemetery in Barcelona.

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Unnoticed beauty

It’s one of Barcelona’s streets that might not be noticed. Not really anyway. People pass, but they barely notice how beautiful the buildings here really are.

Underneath your feet

Ever wondered what’s hiding underneath your feet? One of Barcelona’s hidden gems is underneath a tiny square of the Gotic quarter. Here you can find (and visit) a part of the old Roman city, called Barcino.

Getting lost in Barcelona

I believe getting lost is the best way to get to know a city. Years ago, when I was a student in Amsterdam, I wandered around for hours (with the map of Amsterdam in my bag, as Google Maps didn’t exist back then, let alone smartphones). And now I’m getting lost again, but this time I’m getting lost in Barcelona.