A few years ago I was having drinks with some friends when one of them couldn’t open her bottle of juice. She was having a real struggle, so me and my friends were looking at her in great amusement.

When we’ve been laughing long enough, I sighed and took the bottle from her. “Ohhh, just leave it to the lesbian”, I joked and opened the bottle for her.
We immediately heard ‘Leave it to the Lesbian’ had a certain ring to it.

It wasn’t until a year later that I used the name for a fashion label. I designed a logo and waited for orders to come in.
Leave It To The Lesbian
I have many talents, but enjoying marketing isn’t one of them. I have more fun in coming up with the texts and designing them. In short, selling clothes just isn’t something I want to do.

Another year later I found myself restyling my website, using the same name and logo: Leave It To The Lesbian.

BasBeentjes-portret_kleinSo what can you leave to me, then? Other than opening bottles, that is.

Well, Leave it to the Lesbian…

And something that seems to be unrelated, but has to do with my love for teaching and foreign languages (I speak Dutch, English, French and Spanish): I’m an English teacher.

Here on this site you’ll find a few examples of my work, with more to come.

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(-: Annoesjka