Dry spell in Catalonia

It was only a few weeks ago when something wet came out of the sky. Tourists told me it was rain. Vaguely I remembered I used to know that kind of weather. Back in the Netherlands… Ah, yes, rain. It hadn’t been raining in Barcelona for months. And when it did, it poured. Allegedly. I didn’t see it, I was on holiday in Tenerife then.

This rain stayed for an afternoon, and then it went back again quickly. And now there’s a problem. It’s too dry in Catalonia. Even the archbishop of Barcelona is concerned. He has asked the faithful to pray for rain (no, the hashtag #prayforrain is not trending yet).

And of course it’s a problem. The summer of 2015 in Spain has broken all records. It’s bad. The draught can even affect the production of honey.

But, as the famous Dutch football player Johan Cruijff used to say: Every disadvantage has its advantage. And in this case: the church Sant Roma de Sau, that has been submerged in 1962 in order to make the Sau Reservoir, is now completely visible.



2 thoughts on “Dry spell in Catalonia

    • Blijkbaar! In de stad hoor ik niet zoveel mensen die zich zorgen maken. Het is natuurlijk wel in het nieuws, maar minimaal, terwijl ik zou verwachten dat er meer aandacht voor zou zijn. Wellicht is het de Spaanse “ach, we kunnen er toch niets aan doen”-instelling…?



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