Blending in

blending-inNo matter how international Barcelona is, no matter how much I try to blend in, people will always recognise me as something-other-than-Spanish. It’s the light complexion, my blond hair and the blue eyes that give me away. In France I was able to fool people when I dyed my hair into a dark shade, but my looks are unmistakably ‘unSpanish’.

Apparently, my looks also say that I’m somebody with money. If only! Being a part time student and part time freelance writer/photographer, I’m anything but.

Times are hard

This is what happened a while ago:
I was having a cup of coffee on a terrace while studying when suddenly a man came to sit in front of me. He told me didn’t have a job and asked me for money. I answered I didn’t have a job either. After whining for a bit about times being hard, he asked me if I got a boyfriend (as in: “if I can’t have money from her, maybe she’ll give me sex”). This is where my Spanish lessons really paid off.

Going to be a local

If there’s one reason wanting to blend in, this will be it. I’m going to dye my hair and from now on I’ll work on my tan and wear sunglasses. I’m going to be a local, dammit.


4 thoughts on “Blending in

  1. Thank you for your post! I posted a similar article a while back and people were concerned about me “losing my individuality” and “posing as someone I’m not.” I agree that it is much easier to avoid the negative attention, than it is to confront it. When locals try to take advantage of you or to negatively bring attention to the fact you’re a foreigner, it is exhausting. Don’t let them get to you and post pictures of your transformation into a Spanish girl! 🙂

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