Spanish season change

Photo: Annoesjka BrohmBarcelona is cooling off from a hot summer now that autumn has started. I believe September in Barcelona is an ‘in between month’: It’s not summer anymore, holiday has ended, but the terraces and cafés are still packed as if it’s July or August. And of course, it’s still sunny and hot.

But now it’s October.

Empty & unoccupied

Due to my holiday, I missed the last week of September here. And what a difference this week makes! I’m walking around, ignoring the typical tourist routes (like a local does) and I see my favourite places on Parliament so much more empty than how I left them in September. Now Federal Cafe has closed half of its windows, so that you can’t sit half-outside anymore and Cafe Cometa suddenly has unoccupied seats on the terrace.

Just for tourists

Even though it’s still warm (over 20˚C), I see more people wearing sweaters in the streets. Shorts are now  something only tourists wear.

No sandals!

Also, sandal season is over. No. Wait. That is a blessing, actually: this summer on the metro I was treated several times on some lovely sights on hairy toes and fungal nails and I’m still trying to get rid of these images in my head.


I find myself pouting over a temperature of 23˚C. While in the Netherlands I’d be over the moon with temperatures like these (even in July!) now I’m complaining that it’s too cold while putting on a sweater.
Oh yes. I find everything under 26˚C a bit fresh. I’ve only been living here for a little more than 2 months and I truly believe that I’ll die of the cold in the winter when the temperature drops under 10˚C.

Luckily I was told that we’re heading towards a nice Indian summer here. Winter is far, far away still. It’s October. It’s autumn. Thou shalt not think of the winter just yet.