Closed cookie cans

cookie canLast weekend it was exactly a week after my arrival in Barcelona. So my friends and I had a bit of a celebration, even though the boxes weren’t all unpacked yet at that moment (they are now).
I thought it’d be time to tell my Spanish friends about one of the weirdest characteristics of the Dutch I know: the case of the closed cookie cans.
I have to say, I’ve never done it myself, but I am brought up in this Dutch culture where the lid of a cookie can is somewhat holy.

Closing the can

In the Netherlands when you have people coming over for coffee or tea, the cookie can is being put on the table and the host presents the cookie can. The guest picks one cookie (one, do not dare to take more) and the host puts the cookie can back on the table, immediately closing the can. When there is a second cup of tea or coffee this ritual may or may not repeat itself.
My friends were completely appalled when finding out about this, much to my amusement.

All you can eat

After they were done gasping for air, they told me how the Spanish host guests: They take out everything edible they have in their house and put it on the table, making the table an “all you can eat”-buffet.

Getting fat

I will get so fat living here… But hearing about these manners, I just felt even more happy about moving to Spain than I already was.