Mañana mañana?

The mafeet upgical number is 3, it appears. 3 months to be exact. If I would’ve decided to live in Barcelona for only 3 months, I would have had no problems with NIE, insurance etc. But noooo, 3 months isn’t enough for me. So now, if I’m not careful, I’ll be fully uninsured in November.

Because I’ll be driving from the Netherlands to Spain, my car is outside the Netherlands longer than 3 months. My insurance doesn’t allow that, and as it seems, no Dutch insurance allows it. So after 3 months, I need a Spanish car insurance.

That also goes for my health insurance. Luckily, in Spain a private health insurance is a whole lot cheaper than in the Netherlands: about €50 a month I’m told. I won’t be needing one if I find a job in Barcelona, but as I’m not there yet… Well, let’s just hope I won’t get ill.

I found that wanting to have insurances for everything might be something very Dutch. Or at least, it’s not very Spanish. People here seem to be living in the now more than a Buddhist monk in India does. As I still need to move there, that way of living isn’t sticking to me yet. But who knows: maybe somewhere after 3 months my favourite word also will be mañana.