Losing my perspective

Photo: Annoesjka BrohmIt was either getting a private jet to maintain our long-distance relationship, or moving in together. As we kept on losing the lottery, we decided on the latter.

I’m the lucky one working at this very nice organisation in the Netherlands, that agreed to give me an unpaid leave-of-absence for 6 months.

6 months of living in Barcelona, tasting another culture, finding out what it’ll be like to live and work in Spain.

And, of course, finding out whether the living together plan will be as great as we expect it to be.

I thought it’d be easy: getting that leave-of-absence, finding a temporary tenant for my house, packing in some clothes, starting the car and go. After all, this is the EU, right. I intend to work during these 6 months, and as a EU-citizen, I don’t need a work-permit. So, no problem, right?


This blog will be about me trying to lose my Dutch perspective on things in order to deal with Spanish rules and customs and adopting the Spanish way of life.



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