Surfer’s paradise

Those waves! That wind! No wonder Cape Verde is a surfer’s paradise. >>


People in Lisbon

Sometimes when I’m out with my camera, I get lucky when people walk into my frame, making the image just a bit more interesting. >>

Abandoned places

There is something about old industrial buildings that are abandoned. Maybe it’s because ghosts of the past are still wandering around in the place.

Perspective on Dudok

The Gemeentemuseum (municipal museum) in The Hague is a building that architect Willem Dudok designed. I was so impressed by its beauty that I forgot to look at the art collection. Well, almost. 🙂 >>

Going underground

If you’re ready to be surprised, go underground in Lille (France). >>

People in southern Africa

When I was in southern Africa I loved talking to the locals. And, much to my surprise, they were eager to pose for my camera. >>

Photographing the locals

I once worked as a reporter/photographer for a regional newspaper (just a few kilometres north from Amsterdam). I was sent to many great events: From a gathering of lace-makers to the biggest sports-event of the region. >>

Wandering in Barcelona? Look up

In many Spanish cities the outside of the buildings are shaped with so much care, that buildings in other European cities tend to look dull compared to their Spanish brothers and sisters. So look up and see the beauty.

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All about food

In Spain, a lot is about food, if not everything. Etiquette wise speaking, that means something. Here is one etiquette rule that you might not know.

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Three kings in a parade

Santa Claus doesn’t bring presents to Spain; the Three Kings do. And before they do that, they arrive in a huge parade: La Cabalgata de los Reyes Magos.

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Tombstone tourism

Apparently, it’s a thing: tombstone tourism. And if you are a “taphophile”, you can knock yourself out at the Montjuïc cemetery in Barcelona.

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Spain and the art of insisting

To the non-Spanish it seems weird: the art of insisting. But if you don’t want to appear rude, you probably need to at least understand this art …or is that a mission impossible?

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Unnoticed beauty

It’s one of Barcelona’s streets that might not be noticed. Not really anyway. People pass, but they barely notice how beautiful the buildings here really are.

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Underneath your feet

Ever wondered what’s hiding underneath your feet? One of Barcelona’s hidden gems is underneath a tiny square of the Gotic quarter. Here you can find (and visit) a part of the old Roman city, called Barcino.

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Getting lost in Barcelona

I believe getting lost is the best way to get to know a city. Years ago, when I was a student in Amsterdam, I wandered around for hours (with the map of Amsterdam in my bag, as Google Maps didn’t exist back then, let alone smartphones). And now I’m getting lost again, but this time in Barcelona.

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Bottles of beer on the wall - photo: Annoesjka Brohm

Drinking with the Dutch

“Would you like to have a drink?”
Make sure you react immediately when a Dutch person asks you this question. Never beat around the bush: if you want to have a drink, this is the only moment you can say “yes please”. Otherwise you just won’t get a drink. Even though the Dutch will get himself/herself one.

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Closed cookie cans

Time to tell you about one of the weirdest characteristics of the Dutch I know: the case of the closed cookie cans.

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